Making Money with Wagering on Sports

Making Money with Wagering on Sports

For most people out there, sports betting is just a hobby; a bit of fun, perhaps, but not much money at the end of the day. At this time of the year (rowing by Dewapoker) many people realize that sports betting is more than just a hobby; it’s a profession that requires the patient and systematic approach as well as the right mental attitude.

A in this profession, often one is rewarded for the number of wins over the number of losses you have. It’s simple mathematics, really, but it’s the kind of mathematics that people are after. Perhaps this is the reason why so many sports bettors think that winning a bet on a sports game requires a “high degree of accuracy” and an ability to pick “high risk” bets. Of course, the reality is that a giant bankroll does exist to support such bets, but the more likely the perception will be that the majority of sports bettors are playing with a small, risky, and often losing hand.

As I’ve related in my other articles, the only way to increase your odds of winning a sports bet is to bet with known winning bets before you place the bet. Once you are aware of such bets – you will, naturally, want to bet on them.

The opposite reaction to known winning bets is to bet with known losers. If you placed one such bet, you will almost certainly lose the bet. The only time you will gain money from known winning bets is to bet on losing lines.

Knowing that there are certain things you stand to win (or lose) is the key to successful sports betting. The casinos know that, and they know a lot about the games you’re playing. They don’t, however, know everything about every sport. If they did, they would be in too much of trouble to be running the sports betting business.

Reminder: different sports books “do” different things to attract or repel bettors.

In the NFL opposite the point spread – you will find that the fewer the number of point spread equals the higher your odds in the game. The fewer the number of teams, the higher the odds. Therefore – if you’re betting football and want the highest odds, avoid betting on a high number of teams.

It’s good business, of course, for the house to prize sprinters and long shots – but it can also turn into a money loser, especially for more rounded betting. The proposition bet on whether a wide receiver would break a record in a 1,000-yard sprint is popular, but it’s not deemed to be bettor’s best move when there’s a better bet to make.

It’s instinctive to want to go against the grain, but that almost always means you’re going to lose. And instinct would be the last thing in the world that bettors will go against. Besides, the house does it to themselves – when it comes time to pay out, they jail a bet unless circumstances change.